Amazon Scarf
Product description
Amazon Scarf in Cream with Drak Green boarder

This scarf is crafted from black and white drawing, bear, fox, rabbit, bird, squirrel and other wild animals among a vivid tropical leaf and rain forest in classic and elegant colour

Colour : Dark green boarder make a perfect contrast with classic cream background

Fabric : Hand printed in premium quality satin, smooth and silky texture.
this fabric we imported from Japan and print the pattern on it by hand one by one.
It is very hard to be crumpled so you can put it into your bag.
"Please hand wash in warm water"

" The color we print on the fabric is guarantee that will not fade and no harm for your skin"

Size : 100 x 100 cm

Tip: This scarf has a dark boarder and classic colour.
We recommend to wear it with light color dress such as cream, white, light brown or make a contact with vivid orange drees
Fold it into triangle, warp it around your neck and tie a knot in front of your chest to make a sweet and casual look